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Milwaukee Divorce Attorneys for Shared Child Custody Agreements

Is Shared Child Custody Right for You?

Your child's well being and happiness are your top priorities when you go through a divorce. Today, experts agree that, in most cases, the best child custody solution is shared custody where a child has regular contact with both parents. Our Milwaukee divorce lawyers are experienced in negotiating shared custody agreements. When parties cannot agree or when you have serious concern for your child's safety with the other parent, our Milwaukee child custody attorneys will take the child custody issue to trial and fight to protect your child.

Shared Custody Agreements In Wisconsin

In a divorce, Wisconsin will assign a Guardian Ad Litem to investigate and represent the child or children. The best interests of these children are of paramount concern. Wisconsin family law assumes the default position to be shared legal custody. When certain circumstances arise, the court can terminate one party's parental rights. An experienced family law attorney will help you define those circumstances. The Milwaukee divorce lawyers at John T. Fields and Associates are ready to do whatever it takes to protect your child and will fight by your side during your Wisconsin child custody battle. Settle for no less than the aggressive legal representation of our Wisconsin family law firm.

Even when shared custody is desired by both parents in a divorce, our Milwaukee divorce attorneys are important partners for you to ensure every detail of legal custody and physical placement is spelled out and placed in the divorce order. Your Milwaukee divorce lawyers will make sure that in your shared custody and placement agreement there aren't mistakes and omissions which could lead to more litigation in the future. Our Milwaukee divorce attorneys are committed to helping you negotiate a fair and practical child custody agreement in the best interest of your child.

Contact Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers for Shared Child Custody Agreements

Divorce clients from Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and all over Southeastern Wisconsin rely on John T Fields and Associates to protect the well being of children in divorce. If you would like more information about shared custody agreements in Wisconsin or if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your child custody agreement, call the Milwaukee divorce attorneys at John T Fields and Associates.

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