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Milwaukee Post Divorce Disputes Attorneys

Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers Settle Post Divorce Issues 

Post-divorce issues are common. Approximately 50% of couples who experience an adversarial divorce return to court to resolve issues. Typically, at least one of the parties is dissatisfied with the outcome of their divorce. Other times, with judicial rulings, both parties may feel aggrieved, believing justice was simply not served. Our Milwaukee divorce lawyers are experts in dealing with complex post divorce issues. We help divorce clients settle post divorce disputes in Milwaukee county.

Post Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Milwaukee

If divorce agreements do not fully address specific issues, couples either have to return to court or try to resolve their issues by other means.
Money is the most common impetus for returning to court. Maybe an unexpected layoff has put you in a bad financial position. Maybe your former spouse recently remarried. As life goes on after a divorce, change happens. New jobs, illnesses, unemployment, and growing children are just some of the things that may make it necessary to revisit some of the issues that were originally settled by your final divorce decree. Our Milwaukee divorce laywers can help.
If you have Post-Divorce Issues that need to be resolved, call our Milwaukee divorce lawyers today.
Then, too, not to be forgotten is the long-time favored reason for court reappearances - the children. As children grow, their needs and wants change. The following issues are the most common:
  •  Medical issues
  •  Teenage children who rebel against parenting schedules
  •  Public or private school issues
  •  College financing and selection
  •  Traveling out-of-the-state or country with friends, a parent, or grandparents

Enforcement of the Divorce Decree

After the divorce, the court continues to have authority over the parties with regard to any obligations they were ordered to perform under the divorce decree. If the parties do not proceed according to the decree, the court can enforce the order by placing one of the ex-spouses in contempt or fining him or her.
Experienced Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers
For more information about post divorce mediation or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Milwaukee divorce lawyer regarding your post divorce issues, please contact our Milwaukee divorce law firm.

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