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Kenosha Divorce Attorney

Offering You Over 25 Years of Experience in Family Law

Are you getting a divorce and looking for an experienced attorney to represent you? When suddenly faced with the prospect of divorce or ending your relationship, you may feel as if the world has come crashing down on you. When you're faced with a million uncertainties, you may find yourself wondering how you and your children will cope, where you will live, and how you and your spouse will manage co-parenting.

While the future is full of uncertainties, fortunately you don't have to face the future alone. With over 25 years of experience in family law, Attorney John T. Fields can answer all of your questions and navigate you through the Wisconsin legal system with ease and confidence. In every case he takes on, Attorney Fields strives to reach the best possible outcome for our clients and their families. When you need to protect yourself and your children from someone you once trusted, you need an aggressive lawyer standing by your side every step of the way.

Get a Pitbull Fighting for You

Attorney John T. Fields is an experienced litigator who fights to win even the most complex divorces such as high asset divorce cases and every other family law matter. No matter what types of challenges your case presents, we are prepared to handle your case through every stage of the legal battle, over which time we will fight aggressively on your behalf in and out of court. If you want a lawyer who will fight like a pit bull for your rights, we urge you to contact our office to schedule a free case evaluation with us!

Does your case involve children? If so, it's probably your number one priority to have an attorney who understands your child's individual needs and how to fulfill your child's needs through the court system. At our Kenosha family law firm, we are aware that every case is different and every child's needs are different. In most cases a child benefits from having two stable parents in his or her life that provide love and support. But, sometimes one parent is unstable and therefore incapable of healthy parenting and even poses a danger to the child. When this is the case, it is in your child's best interests to minimize their exposure to the other parent.

Whatever your individual circumstances are, you're going to need a relentless advocate that will safeguard your child and represent what you know is best for your child throughout the legal process. We are prepared to work in and out of the courtroom to obtain the positive outcome that you need and desire for you and the sake of your family.

Kenosha Family Lawyer with Over 25 Years' Experience

Navigating through the divorce process typically involves child custody, child support, property and debt division and maintenance. Because of the complexities involved and how much you have at stake, you need experienced legal guidance from our firm. You will benefit from letting our Kenosha family law attorney use his experience to your advantage. You are facing an uncertain future where your family and finances are at stake, which is why you need to work with an attorney who is experienced handling every aspect of complex divorce and family law cases, including bitter child custody battles and high-asset divorces.

Whether you're worried your spouse is hiding assets, or will gain the upper hand in a child custody case, or worse, may endanger your children, we are prepared to guide you through every stage of your legal battle to protect your future.

Why choose our family law firm to represent your interests? Attorney Fields has over 25 years of experiencing litigating family law cases and has the drive to win the results that our clients are seeking and deserve. At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, we understand that you have a lot of stake and we're here to protect your rights as a mother, father or grandparent.

Every case that we handle is different, which is why we give each case the attention to detail and time it deserves. When you meet with us in a free case evaluation, we will assess your particular circumstances and develop a strong strategy that factors in the unique aspects and challenges of your individual situation. Whether you're getting a divorce or need assistance with another sensitive family law issue such as domestic violence, our family law attorney will remain by your side throughout the process to protect your rights and your children's rights.

Contact our office today to receive the compassionate, yet aggressive legal support you need and deserve!

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