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High Asset Divorce in Milwaukee

If you are involved in a divorce where there are substantial assets, you know the importance of making sure that all assets are considered in order to reach a financially equitable property division for both parties. It is crucial that you have an advisor on your side to make sure that all assets including cash, homes, investments, business interests, and retirement accounts are considered when determining what is financially beneficial to each party, and our Milwaukee divorce laywers at John T Fields and Associates are experienced and ready to assist with your complex divorce.

Oftentimes, one party may try to hide assets or transfer assets, and again, if your spouse is not playing fair, our Waukesha divorce attorneys at John T Fields and Associates are well equipped to help you locate and account for all property. Our divorce attorneys have familiarity with the needs of people facing complex divorce and will work to resolve your case to your benefit whether it be through mediation, negotiation or litigation when necessary. Our Milwaukee divorce lawyers will fight to assure that all assets are uncovered and fairly divided in your complex divorce in Wisconsin.

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The Importance of Expert Resources When Dealing with High Asset Divorce Settlements

High asset or complex divorce involves many considerations and often requires the services of other professionals to assure that various assets are correctly valued. John T Fields and Associates Milwaukee divorce lawyers maintain working relationships with professionals in the areas of business valuation, financial planning, realty, tax, retirement, and property appraisal who may be called upon for guidance, support and expert testimony during the course of your complex divorce.

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The best time to begin an inventory of assets in your complex divorce is at the beginning of the divorce process. If you are facing or contemplating divorce and substantial assets are involved, call our Milwaukee divorce lawyers at John T Fields and Associates to discuss your needs and concerns regarding property division, custody and support, and maintenance.

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