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grandparents-rights.jpgGrandparents' Rights in Milwaukee

Grandparents Visitation & Custody Rights

At John T. Fields and Associates, our Waukesha divorce lawyers believe that in a contested divorce people other than the spouses are affected, including the children and grandparents. Over the course of a marriage, grandparents have not only developed a relationship with their in-law, but they also forged a bond with their grandchildren. Divorce may have changed this dynamic and affected their ability to see their grandsons and granddaughters.

Grandparents Rights to See Grandchildren

Your grandchildren need you, make sure you're there. Our Wisconsin family law firm aggressively advocate for grandparents in the midst of adversarial divorces where spouses do not see eye-to-eye on the role of grandma and grandpa. The family law firm of John T. Fields and Associates is well-known throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Southeastern Wisconsin for asserting and protecting the rights of grandparents in divorce cases.

Grandparents play an important role in the raising of a child. When grandchildren are unfairly deprived from seeing their grandparents, they often miss out on valuable support. This support often is both developmental and financial, making the grandparents an incredible asset in the child's life. Often, grandparents are a source of stability in a turbulent mother-father relationship. Under Wisconsin family law there are guidelines for the assertion of grandparent-child visitation rights. When parents are unfit, often due to youthful irresponsibility and incompetence, grandparents may even have claims to child custody in divorce. Contact our Waukesha child custody lawyers for more information.

The best interests of children of divorce are paramount. The ability of grandchildren to visit their grandparents is often in their best interest.

Contact our southeast Wisconsin grandparents' rights attorney

For more information about the legal rights of grandparents or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Milwaukee divorce lawyer regarding your rights as grandparents, please contact our Wisconsin family law firm today.

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