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fathers-rights.jpgProtecting Father's Rights in Milwaukee

In times past, fathers were often overlooked as caregivers. Today, courts recognize that children benefit most when they have regular contact with both parents and at John T. Fields and Associates, Wisconsin divorce lawyers, we couldn't agree more. Regular contact with your children builds a strong relationship and allows you to share equally in parenting rights and responsibilities. At our Milwaukee area divorce law offices, we can help you ensure that your rights as a father are protected whether you are in the midst of a divorce, establishing your rights as an unwed father, or if you are seeking modification of a court order already in place.

Representing Fathers in Child Custody and Support Proceedings Throughout Southeastern Wisconsin

The best time to seek advice on fathers' rights from our Milwaukee area divorce lawyers is before there is an unfavorable ruling in your case. It is more difficult to make changes after child custody or child support order is finalized because the court will require a significant change in the status of one parent to consider changes to a finalized order.

After child support and child custody orders become official, it is difficult to make changes. To protect yourself and your child, call our southeast Wisconsin divorce law office.

Skilled Legal Representation for Divorce Agreement Modification and Enforcement Proceedings in Wisconsin

If your child custody agreement is already final and you need help to enforce an existing agreement or to defend against proposed changes that would mean less time with your children, call our Milwaukee divorce attorneys at John T Fields and Associates and let us put our experience to work to fight for your rights as a parent. Your children deserve to have you in their lives and at John T Fields and Associates, our lawyers will work to make sure your children benefit from a solid relationship with you.

It may be appropriate for you to seek a modification of current child custody arrangements if there has been a significant change in your life circumstances or in the life of your child's other parent. Call our Milwaukee divorce lawyers and let us help you be involved in your child's life.

If your child custody agreement is not yet final or if you are in the early stages of a divorce, our Waukesha divorce attorneys at John T Fields and Associates believe that now is the time to establish your fair and equal parenting rights so your children benefit from regular time spent with you. Call John T Fields and Associates today.

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