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Milwaukee Domestic Violence Attorney

Helping Spousal Abuse Victims in Milwaukee

Domestic violence is a tragic and ugly event that often occurs when a marriage is at its end. If one spouse lashes out physically, striking and injuring the other spouse, our Milwaukee family law firm will aggressively protect the victim and the children. Instances of domestic violence may require the need for a Temporary Restraining Order.

Providing You the Protection You Need From Domestic Violence

At John T. Fields and Associates, our divorce lawyers will fight like a pit bull to protect you and your children. Your rights and well-being are at stake.

While a majority of cases we handle are men physically assaulting women, domestic violence is not limited to one gender. For domestic violence help, contact our Wisconsin divorce law firm today.

Restraining Order Attorneys in Madison, Milwaukee, and throughout Wisconsin

Domestic Violence Laws are set up to protect and provide immediate relief for abuse victims. Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection exist to keep the violent party away from the victim. Even if violence is threatened through verbal taunts, you are entitled to help through the courts.

You need more than an attorney who will try to find a middle ground. You need an aggressive Milwaukee divorce lawyer, legal pit bull who will diligently protect you and fight to hold the abuser accountable.

The Help You Need in Both Divorce and Criminal Courtrooms

Domestic violence is both a criminal and civil matter when divorce or other family law matters such as child custody are involved. Regardless of the venue, contact our Milwaukee divorce law office so we can immediately secure protection for you and your children.

Contact Milwaukee Family Law Firm for Domestic Abuse Dispute Representation

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer, please contact our Milwaukee divorce law office.

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