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Divorce and Children

Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorces are one of the most stressful experiences a person will go through. As one of the best law firms for divorce and children that Wisconsin offers, we understand the impact a divorce and parental separation has on children and we are here to minimize the impact. The complexity of a divorce increases greatly when children are involved. A divorce with children is recognizably directed under the influence of the child's best interests. The effects a divorce has on children can be a traumatic and life-changing event. Our experienced divorce lawyers at John T. Fields & Associates understand these effects and will aggressively fight to undamagingly protect your child. Don't fall victim to placement or custody loss and contact our experts at John T. Fields & Associates.

Legal Custody versus Child Placement

Joint legal custody means both parents have a right to make major decisions in their children's lives. Sole custody means only the parent with legal custody has the right to decide major decisions affecting the children. Occasionally the court grants joint legal custody on all issues but may assign certain decisions to one sole parent. The court may grant joint legal custody if it is in the best interests of the children and either both parents request it. In compliance with joint custody, both parents are capable of performing parental duties.

Physical placement is when a child is physically placed under the consent of one particular parent. This parent has the responsibility to make daily decisions which are consistent with decisions made by the parent with legal custody. A court routinely insists a child spends time with both parents unless a child's physical, mental or emotional health is of concern.

In most cases each parent is awarded periods of physical placement of the children. Placement arrangement is typically divided as one of the following:

* The Traditional Form - One parent has primary placement of the children and the other parent has periods of placement and usually alternate holidays
* Shared Placement - Shared placement schedules vary and may not be not be equally disbursed; child support is usually influenced by the placement schedule

Shared Versus Joint Custody

Parents who decide to have shared custody enjoy the legal right in sharing their children. Shared custody offers flexibility based on each parent's lifestyle but typically means each parent has the child 50 percent of the time. Shared custody may or may not include an equal right to make important decisions for the children and may weigh heavier on one particular parent. When joint custody is decided on, both parents share in every aspect of raising their children and make decisions collectively. Determining on shared custody versus joint custody in a divorce is a difficult decision and should be greatly examined with an experienced divorce lawyer. Trust John T. Fields & Associates to help you make the right decision.

Experienced Southeast Wisconsin Divorce Lawyers

John T. Fields & Associates will fight to protect yours and your children's rights. The complexity of a divorce with children is boundless and all avenues need to be considered. Whether it's determining grandparent rights to visitation rights our knowledgeable lawyers will reach a desirable outcome benefiting you and your children.

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