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Divorce 401(k) Division Lawyer in Milwaukee

Things You Should Know About Divorce in Wisconsin And Asset Division 

Dividing assets can seem overwhelming to most people going through a divorce. Commonly, those assets include a 401k or other retirement plans. Making sure that assets are divided fairly and protecting financial assets are prime concerns to many clients at the law offices of Milwaukee divorce lawyer, John T. Fields and Associates.
Contact our Milwaukee divorce lawyers today to learn more about your divorce 401k division rights and options.
When a 401k plan is subject to division in your divorce, rely on the experience of your Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer John T Fields and Associates to make certain the 401k plan is successfully and fairly divided between you and your spouse. John T Fields and Associates has familiarity with 401k plans and all other types of retirement plans and will help you divide the 401k the right way.

401k and Divorce Settlement in Wisconsin

401k division is regulated by federal law, and the rules can vary among the employers of account holders. This is not usually a matter which parties in a divorce should attempt to accomplish for themselves. Once there is agreement regarding division of a 401k plan, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) must be completed and correctly filed for legal division of the 401k assets to be accomplished. The QDRO is the most important and complex step to finalize the division of the asset and generally requires the knowledge and experience of a Milwaukee divorce attorney like John T Fields and Associates.

Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers With Financial Expertise

In a divorce, long-term investments like retirement funds, pensions and 401k plans will be among the most contentiously pursued assets. Securing these funds will often be more important than any other property to be divided. When the rights to these funds are contested, you need an aggressive Milwaukee divorce lawyer with extensive financial experience. John T. Fields will aggressively advocate for your best interests.
Protection of marital assets and fair division of assets is important to both parties in a divorce. We understand that there is life after divorce, and you want your financial future protected. The Milwaukee divorce lawyers at John T Fields and Associates have the legal knowledge and experience to help divorce clients in Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Madison and all over Wisconsin preserve and separate marital assets.

Contact Our Wisconsin Divorce Property Division Lawyers

For more information on divorce 401k division or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Milwaukee divorce attorney for marital asset division, contact our Milwaukee divorce law firm today.

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