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Milwaukee Child Support Attorneys

Representing the Rights of Children in Milwaukee

At John T. Fields and Associates, our divorce attorneys represent the rights of our Milwaukee divorce clients during the process of determining the proper amount of child support. Our Wisconsin family law attorneys recognize that raising a child is demanding in itself and no parent should have an unfair financial burden because the other parent does not want to live up to their financial obligation.

Determining Child Support in Wisconsin

Wisconsin child support guidelines determine child support payments via a number of factors. These factors include pre-existing child placement and child custody agreements between the parents, the income of both parents, the amount of nights the children will spend with each parent. Special needs of a child may also be considered when determining child support.

If one parent is awarded primary physical placement, a percentage standard of gross income is used to determine child support. If there is a shared placement a different formula is used that relies on the amount of time the child spends with each parent and the income of each parent.

Child Support Modifications Lawyers Milwaukee

Wisconsin child support modification depends on a number of factors. Changes in the income of either parent, the custody arrangement, and other factors are often good reasons for pursuing post-judgment modification. Sometimes, more child support is needed; sometimes a child support reduction is in order. Our Milwaukee family law practice represents the interests of our clients in all post decree modification matters.

Milwaukee Child Support Disputes and Enforcements

Our Wisconsin family law firm also resolves child support enforcement issues. Our Milwaukee divorce attorneys will fight like a pitbull to ensure child support compliance when one parent is being selfish by not living up to their legal responsibilities.

Contact Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers for Child Support

For more information about child support laws in Wisconsin or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Milwaukee divorce lawyer regarding a child support dispute, please contact our Wisconsin family law office.

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