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FAQ: Explain The Divorce Process

In Wisconsin, it takes a minimum of 120 days from the date of service to get a divorce. This is considered a "cooling off" period which is required by law. Complicated divorces may take longer.

The Divorce Process in Wisconsin

The divorce process begins when one party files a summons and petition with the court. The person who files for divorce is called the petitioner. The other person is called the respondent. The respondent is served with the divorce paperwork and the 120 day time period begins. In the beginning, it is usually necessary to have some temporary divorce agreements on major issues; such as who has custody of the children, who stays in the house, and how much temporary support is paid, to name a few. The parties, through their divorce attorneys, should try to reach a written temporary agreement. If this is not possible, a hearing will be held in court and a court commissioner will make any necessary decisions. Any agreements or decisions made by the court are, in fact, temporary and in effect only while the divorce is pending. The ultimate outcome could be very different.

{Attorney Note: Though this phase only refers to the period when the divorce is pending, it is still very important because it sets up a status quo which is often maintained at the end of the divorce. Also, since complicated divorces can go on for some time these temporary agreements may be something that you have to live with for several months, or even longer}

After a temporary agreement has been reached, the case enters the discovery phase. In this phase, the divorce attorneys collect detailed information on debts and assets so that a settlement can be attempted. If there is a custody dispute, child support dispute, or maintenance dispute, your divorce attorney should gather all necessary information for presentation to the court so you can get the result you desire.

The family law attorneys at John T. Fields & Associates help clients facing adversarial divorces, requiring an aggressive, pit bull-style approach. We handle all aspects of divorce disputes including child custody battles, child support settlements, asset division, and other special circumstances involving divorce. We also assist clients who need representation for no-fault divorce in Wisconsin. Contact our divorce and family law firm for more information about legal representation involving divorce matters.

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