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Fighting for your rights during a difficult time

Fighting for Child Custody in Waukesha County

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved, but especially for children. When a divorce goes to trial, the discussion of who gets custody of a child is probably the most fiercely contested issue.  

Spouses who are going through divorce proceedings often have many questions for their legal team. To win a divorce case involving child custody in Waukesha County, having a lawyer who brings a child centered approach to custody disputes makes all the difference. In this blog post, we wanted to break down our approach a little bit, and share our answers to some common questions pertaining to Wisconsin child custody matters. 

Who gets custody of a child and how is that determined?

At John T. Fields & Associates, our approach to custody disputes is informed by our decades of experience practicing law here in Wisconsin. In Waukesha County child custody disputes, courts use several different criteria. These criteria are instituted by the state of Wisconsin.

All courts in Wisconsin decide who gets custody of a child based on what is in the best interests of the child. The question of best interest is seldom black and white, so having the right family law attorney who can strengthen your position in a court case is vital. 

Typically, most courts determine best interest based on a child’s relationship with each parent, the vitality of the community where each parent lives, and especially the mental and physical health of everyone involved. 

While many other decisions made in a divorce trial are final, modifying child custody in Wisconsin is possible, if there is a significant change in circumstances. Child custody can be changed if, for example, one parent relocates or if a child fails to adjust properly to a particular home environment. 

Sometimes, requesting a child custody evaluation is the right move when it comes to winning a custody battle. 

What is a custody evaluation?

Certain counties in the state of Wisconsin require the court to order all child custody evaluations. In others, a lawyer can request a custody study by moving the court to order it. The lawyer making the request will also need to convince the opposing side in the case to comply with the evaluation. This is where a child centered approach to family law really comes into play, as custody evaluations often benefit children immensely. 

A knowledgeable attorney will also help a client understand what child custody evaluators are looking for. Child custody evaluators are psychologists who are trained to interview both parents in a custody dispute, as well as other relatives, when appropriate. Ultimately, they want to see how a child interacts with each parent and how both parties respond to the child’s needs. 

How do I fight for custody?

Child custody battles can be long and emotional. When determining how to fight for custody, choose an attorney who will listen to your situation and understand your needs, as well as those of your children. Our approach to the law has given a voice to numerous parents in Waukesha County who needed a judge to consider the special relationship they have with their child.

Whether it’s helping to choose the right psychologist for a custody evaluation, or helping our clients understand how child custody is determined, we have the experience in Wisconsin family law to help you win your child custody case. 

Do you have a question about something you read above? Contact us by filling out our online form!

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Win a High Asset Divorce Battle in Milwaukee, WI

Fighting Like a Pitbull to Win a Wisconsin High Asset Divorce Battle

Divorces are adversarial by nature. With over 25 years of experience in Wisconsin Divorce law, we’ve seen all levels of animosity. That animosity grows with every dollar there is to be fought over. We don’t promote hostility, but at John T. Fields and Associates we understand that when our clients feel like they are backed into a corner they need someone to fight like a pitbull to protect their property from a spouse that doesn’t deserve it.

High asset divorces are more complex than merely splitting up property. Complicating factors such as prenuptial agreements (which aren’t always legally binding) and claims for significant amounts of child support or spousal maintenance often muddy the waters of a very difficult period in a person’s life. In Wisconsin, division of property and marital assets becomes even more complex when business interests need to be bought out by one spouse or liquidated entirely. High incomes and spending habits further cloud one’s ability to make accurate financial assessments. John T. Fields and Associates is here to help, armed with 25 years of experience and an array of experts necessary to clear the murky waters of high asset divorce in Wisconsin.

In a high asset divorce, a Milwaukee divorce lawyer needs to be very resourceful to uncover assets that a deceitful spouse may be hiding. Asset hiding is illegal and unethical, but that may not keep your spouse from doing everything they can to limit the amount of property you’re entitled to. There are a variety of unscrupulous tricks your spouse could use to minimize their own loss in a highly contested divorce.

Our divorce lawyers will uncover all hidden income and revenue in a Milwaukee high asset divorce

Often, one spouse will not know how much money the other makes. Persons who are self-employed will often use their independence to make it look like they make less money. Sometimes business owners will prepare for a divorce by investing cash into their businesses in an attempt to keep the money away from their spouses. A consultant or contractor might delay jobs to make their line of work appear less profitable. Even salaried employees have been known to request raises and promotions to be delayed until a divorce is finalized. John T. Fields and Associates will unearth all of these deceptions, meticulously examining financial records and IRS information to discover any suspicious changes or unreported income. If you are concerned your spouse may be trying to minimize their earning potential, ask your Milwaukee divorce lawyer about how vocational assessment may help in proving your spouse’s true income potential.

Our Wisconsin high asset divorce specialists have repeatedly exposed debt or expense manipulation

Unscrupulous spouses will often modify their spending habits to prepare for a divorce. A spouse will sometimes make large credit card purchases using accounts which they’ll soon only be 50% responsible for after the divorce is finalized. New loan agreements can be made to intentionally reduce a person’s net worth. Unnecessary expenses, like remodeling an office or buying new furniture, can be either accelerated or wholly fabricated in response to an anticipated Wisconsin high asset divorce. At John T. Fields and Associates, we know all of the tricks that dishonest spouses will use to your detriment. Our Milwaukee divorce lawyers will aggressively hunt for phony debts, fake payments, and hidden assets by looking for inconsistencies in ATM logs, bank statements and credit reports. We’ll also identify any unexplained payments to tax accountants or financial advisors who may be helping a spouse reallocate money to prepare for a Wisconsin divorce.

Our Family Law Firm will discover the hidden money and property value in a Milwaukee high income divorce

Dishonest parties will attempt a variety of unethical tricks to keep their spouses away from the assets to which they have a rightful claim. Some spouses will allow rental properties to stay vacant and in a state of disrepair in an attempt to keep value off their balance sheet. Others willfully obtain inaccurate property appraisals, or hide money by transferring it to a business or third party account. Spouses have even been known to overpay on taxes and wait to cash their refund check until the divorce is finalized. The experienced Milwaukee divorce lawyers at John T. Fields and associates stop spouses from getting away with ILLEGAL tactics.

At John T. Fields and Associates, our divorce clients are never left in the dark about the assets and income to which they are legally entitled. Whenever someone is served divorce papers in Wisconsin, John T. Fields and Associates is standing by, ready to FIGHT LIKE A PITBULL to expose immoral tactics. John T. Fields is a battle-hardened Wisconsin divorce attorney who will uncover any attempts at asset manipulation by thoroughly investigating retirement accounts, tax records, earning statements, stocks, bonds, bank statements, credit card statements and asset appraisals. After an initial consultation, we’ll form a battle strategy according to the individual circumstances of your Wisconsin high asset divorce.

Don’t be left unprotected in a contentious divorce in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Racine or Kenosha. Count on the experienced Wisconsin divorce lawyers at John T. Fields to provide aggressive legal representation when you need it most. Call 262-782-8322 today, and we’ll fight for your rights – LIKE A PITBULL.  

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