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Child Support Modification in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Divorce Attorney on Changing Child Support Orders

Under Wisconsin family law, any “substantial” changes in circumstances can lead to child support modification. Child support orders can be increased, decreased and even terminated if certain criteria are met. Below are some of the primary reasons a court will decrease or increase child support payments in Wisconsin. This list should not be considered comprehensive, because the court has discretion in deciding which factors are relevant. Contact an experienced Milwaukee child support attorney more information.

Wisconsin Child Support Modification – Where and How

Every three years, the state will mail a reminder to both the custodial and non-custodial parent reminding them of their rights to a review of their Wisconsin child support orders. Parents needn’t wait for this letter to attempt to adjust their orders. Both parties can agree to a revised child support agreement at any time, and either parent begin post-judgment proceedings by requesting a review 33 months from the day upon which the last child support order was entered. Also, if either parent participates in cash-benefits from programs like SSI Caretaker Supplement, Kinship Care, and W-2, the orders will be reviewed automatically.

A Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer on Adhering to Child Support Orders

Both parents should obey their child support orders even while they are up for review. There may be serious legal ramifications for failing to meet your responsibilities as outlined by the court. Contact our Milwaukee divorce law firm for more information.

Decreasing or Increasing Child Support in Wisconsin based on a Change of Income

In reviewing Wisconsin child support orders, the court may make adjustments based on a change in income of either parent. Often, in order to account for future changes, orders are based on percentage rather than a raw numbers. While modifying a percentage-based support order is different than modifying an order with raw numbers, percentage-based orders are not immune to modification. In making determinations, the court may consider changes in the either parent’s wage, earning capacity, changes in the needs of the child, and other factors the court deems relevant.

At John T. Fields, our Milwaukee divorce law firm has extensive experience with both child support and child custody modification in Wisconsin. Contact one of our Milwaukee divorce attorneys for more information on how to best prepare for a reviewing your child support orders.

When you need aggressive legal representation in your corner, John T. Fields & Associates will fight like a pitbull for your rights to parenthood and property. Call our Milwaukee divorce lawyers today at 262-782-8322.

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FAQ: How Much Child Support Am I Entitled?

If you are awarded the primary physical placement of your child the court will use a percentage standard to determine the amount of child support you are entitled to. This percentage standard was adopted by the state legislature to avoid long legal battles over how much one party should fairly spend on a child, as well as providing a standard of living for the child as close to the one he would have enjoyed if the parties had not divorced.

Wisconsin Child Support Laws - Child Support Guidelines

The parent obligated to pay child support must pay the following percentages of his/her gross income (before taxes or any other deductions):

  • One child 17%
  • Two children 25%
  • Three children 29%
  • Four children 31%
  • Five children 34%

{Attorney Note: Under some circumstances the judge can vary from these percentage standards and increase or decrease the amount of child support.}

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