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Win a High Asset Divorce Battle in Milwaukee, WI

Fighting Like a Pitbull to Win a Wisconsin High Asset Divorce Battle

Divorces are adversarial by nature. With over 25 years of experience in Wisconsin Divorce law, we’ve seen all levels of animosity. That animosity grows with every dollar there is to be fought over. We don’t promote hostility, but at John T. Fields and Associates we understand that when our clients feel like they are backed into a corner they need someone to fight like a pitbull to protect their property from a spouse that doesn’t deserve it.

High asset divorces are more complex than merely splitting up property. Complicating factors such as prenuptial agreements (which aren’t always legally binding) and claims for significant amounts of child support or spousal maintenance often muddy the waters of a very difficult period in a person’s life. In Wisconsin, division of property and marital assets becomes even more complex when business interests need to be bought out by one spouse or liquidated entirely. High incomes and spending habits further cloud one’s ability to make accurate financial assessments. John T. Fields and Associates is here to help, armed with 25 years of experience and an array of experts necessary to clear the murky waters of high asset divorce in Wisconsin.

In a high asset divorce, a Milwaukee divorce lawyer needs to be very resourceful to uncover assets that a deceitful spouse may be hiding. Asset hiding is illegal and unethical, but that may not keep your spouse from doing everything they can to limit the amount of property you’re entitled to. There are a variety of unscrupulous tricks your spouse could use to minimize their own loss in a highly contested divorce.

Our divorce lawyers will uncover all hidden income and revenue in a Milwaukee high asset divorce

Often, one spouse will not know how much money the other makes. Persons who are self-employed will often use their independence to make it look like they make less money. Sometimes business owners will prepare for a divorce by investing cash into their businesses in an attempt to keep the money away from their spouses. A consultant or contractor might delay jobs to make their line of work appear less profitable. Even salaried employees have been known to request raises and promotions to be delayed until a divorce is finalized. John T. Fields and Associates will unearth all of these deceptions, meticulously examining financial records and IRS information to discover any suspicious changes or unreported income. If you are concerned your spouse may be trying to minimize their earning potential, ask your Milwaukee divorce lawyer about how vocational assessment may help in proving your spouse’s true income potential.

Our Wisconsin high asset divorce specialists have repeatedly exposed debt or expense manipulation

Unscrupulous spouses will often modify their spending habits to prepare for a divorce. A spouse will sometimes make large credit card purchases using accounts which they’ll soon only be 50% responsible for after the divorce is finalized. New loan agreements can be made to intentionally reduce a person’s net worth. Unnecessary expenses, like remodeling an office or buying new furniture, can be either accelerated or wholly fabricated in response to an anticipated Wisconsin high asset divorce. At John T. Fields and Associates, we know all of the tricks that dishonest spouses will use to your detriment. Our Milwaukee divorce lawyers will aggressively hunt for phony debts, fake payments, and hidden assets by looking for inconsistencies in ATM logs, bank statements and credit reports. We’ll also identify any unexplained payments to tax accountants or financial advisors who may be helping a spouse reallocate money to prepare for a Wisconsin divorce.

Our Family Law Firm will discover the hidden money and property value in a Milwaukee high income divorce

Dishonest parties will attempt a variety of unethical tricks to keep their spouses away from the assets to which they have a rightful claim. Some spouses will allow rental properties to stay vacant and in a state of disrepair in an attempt to keep value off their balance sheet. Others willfully obtain inaccurate property appraisals, or hide money by transferring it to a business or third party account. Spouses have even been known to overpay on taxes and wait to cash their refund check until the divorce is finalized. The experienced Milwaukee divorce lawyers at John T. Fields and associates stop spouses from getting away with ILLEGAL tactics.

At John T. Fields and Associates, our divorce clients are never left in the dark about the assets and income to which they are legally entitled. Whenever someone is served divorce papers in Wisconsin, John T. Fields and Associates is standing by, ready to FIGHT LIKE A PITBULL to expose immoral tactics. John T. Fields is a battle-hardened Wisconsin divorce attorney who will uncover any attempts at asset manipulation by thoroughly investigating retirement accounts, tax records, earning statements, stocks, bonds, bank statements, credit card statements and asset appraisals. After an initial consultation, we’ll form a battle strategy according to the individual circumstances of your Wisconsin high asset divorce.

Don’t be left unprotected in a contentious divorce in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Racine or Kenosha. Count on the experienced Wisconsin divorce lawyers at John T. Fields to provide aggressive legal representation when you need it most. Call 262-782-8322 today, and we’ll fight for your rights – LIKE A PITBULL.  

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How To Choose A Divorce Attorney

Choosing the right attorney for your divorce is one of the most important parts of the divorce process. Your attorney is the person who will be your advocate to the court and the one fighting for your rights. When selecting an attorney, you want someone who will do everything they possibly can to make sure you get everything you want and need from your divorce.

When selecting a divorce attorney, you want to pick someone you can trust. You will need to share details of your personal life, such as details of your marriage and finances, with your attorney. You want to be able to trust your attorney with everything you tell them and feel comfortable when discussing these very personal matters. You also want to trust that your attorney is fighting for your best interests, and not dragging out a divorce in order to have higher billings. If children are involved in the case, you want to trust that your attorney will put the needs of your child first.

An experienced attorney is also very important. No attorney will know exactly how a divorce will go. But experienced attorneys will be able to remove some of the uncertainty by knowing the judges tendencies and how they have made decisions in the past. An experienced attorney will also be more prepared for surprises or unexpected events which may occur. Trial experience is a good thing for a divorce attorney to have, especially if it looks like it will be a contentious divorce. Not only does trial experience show the attorney is prepared to go to trial, but also can possibly help in negotiations with the other attorney.

You also want someone who has focus and expertise in the area of divorce and family law. While hiring the big name criminal defense lawyer may seem like a good idea, a lack of experience or knowledge of family law is not good. Family law and divorce cases can be very complicated and there is a lot at stake. You will want an attorney who knows the ins and outs of family law and will be by your side through the difficult time. At John T. Fields & Associates, the Milwaukee law firm with more than 25 years of practicing in family law, the attorneys are there to use their knowledge and experience of family law matters to help fight for you.

When selecting an attorney, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Usually, the more experienced the attorney is the more their hourly rate will be. However, often times an experienced attorney is able to get things done more quickly or efficiently, making the end costs very similar to a lower priced attorney. Settling for the cheapest attorney you can find as a way to save money is never a good idea. You want to have the best representation you can afford.


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FAQ: Can My Spouse And I Use The Same Attorney?


A divorce attorney legally and ethically may only represent one party in a divorce action.

Our legal system is an adversarial system of law meaning there is always considered to be two opposing sides to an issue. If one divorce attorney was allowed to represent both sides, it would be like having the same coach for both football teams in the same game. At best, he could only do one side justice and probably neither side would be well served.

Divorce Lawyer Legal Representation vs. Divorce Without A Lawyer

A person is allowed to represent themselves in their own legal action, so it is possible to have only one family law attorney involved in a divorce if either you or your spouse chooses to represent yourself. Keep in mind that the divorce attorney involved only represents the person who has retained, or hired him. It is strongly recommended when you have anything at stake in a divorce and your spouse has retained an attorney, that you should retain your own Wisconsin divorce attorney. If you do not, you will have the disadvantage. Contact John T. Fields & Associates for more information on legal representation in divorce or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a divorce action or special circumstances that involve an annulment or legal separation.

Southeast Wisconsin Office: (262) 782-8322

Madison Area Office: (608) 260-7370

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What Should I Expect in Divorce Court?

Many people want to know what to expect in divorce court. It can be stressful and life altering event; that is why it is so important to have an experienced attorney at your side. If you have an attorney, the attorney will do most of the talking on your behalf. Whether you are in front of a commissioner or judge, it is often best to only speak when a question is asked directly of you. Because Wisconsin is a no fault divorce state, it is important to remember while you are in court that placing blame regarding the breakdown of your marriage is not productive and most judges will not want to hear about that. Unless the accusation directly affects your spouse's ability to effectively parent your children, or puts your child in danger, it is generally not best to discuss it in the court room.

It is important not to get emotional in the courtroom. While this is a situation that can cause much anxiety for you, it is important to remain calm. It is easier to communicate when you are calm, and you will better understand the judge or commissioner if they give you instructions or assign future court dates on your case. This is also important when there are children involved because you want it to be clear to the court that you are an emotionally and mentally stable individual. You want to show the court that you are capable of providing a healthy and emotionally stable atmosphere for your children to thrive.

When you are planning to come to court, you can show respect for these dignified proceedings by making sure your dress and grooming are appropriate for the occasion. First impressions are important, and your appearance will have an impact on the judge's impression of you, especially if you are looking to gain custody of your children. This is important because it will give an impression of what type of caregiver you will be. You will want to dress professionally, as if going on a job interview. Men don't necessarily need to wear a tuxedo, or even a suit and tie, but dress casual would be appropriate, such as pressed khaki pants and a button down shirt, tucked in. The same applies to females; you don't have to wear a dress. Nice pants and a shirt would be appropriate. Pants should not be too tight or too loose, and shirts should never be tight or low cut. Most Judges are fairly conservative, so you would want to consider covering tattoos and taking out or covering any facial piercings you may have. Your hair should be clean and neat, and facial hair well kempt.

Lastly, it is important to never show disrespect to a judge or commissioner that you are in front of. Even if you are not pleased with what they may tell you, you will likely be in front of them again before your case is over, so you would want to treat them with the respect their position is due. Always address the judge or commissioner as "Your honor". Do not argue with or interrupt the judge or court commissioner. If you require clarification of an order, it is best to ask your attorney to clarify when the time is right, which is not while the judge is talking. When in doubt about what you can expect when going in to court, always consult your attorney prior to the hearing so that you know exactly what to expect. 

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